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Frequently Asked Questions
My unit is freezing up. Do you think I need Freon added?
Not necessarily, it could be several things. It could be a dirty filter, dirty evaporator coil, or a restriction in the system. Most commonly it is a dirty filter. No one thinks to change the filter until a problem occurs. Check filters monthly. A good way to remember is to check them each month when you receive your electric bill.

My unit runs a long period of time and is not cooling.
System should be checked for proper charge and also to make sure the electric heat is not operating with the cooling. Insulation in the attic is an important thing, especially in older homes. Anything you can do to prevent outside air from entering the conditioned space is a plus for your comfort and your check book.
My unit is not heating and the outside unit is making a noise and is freezing up.
If the outside temperature is below 30 degree switch your thermostat to emergency heat. The heat pump cannot complete a defrost cycle in extreme cold temperatures.
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